Lefti International
About Us

LEFTI International  is a Kenyan non-profit led by Kabaru Mwangi and Robert Muteithia an dedicated to improving the life of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in the community by allowing them to remain with their families and homes while aid and vital resources are given so that they can receive food and education. 

Primary missions include bringing accessible water to the area, helping families become self-sufficient through the donations of goats, chickens, and kitchen gardens, and specific ministry to widows with vulnerable children.

Good Housing

best education

clean water

good health


Our Mission

LEFTI exists to be on mission with God towards the development of mature, empowered and transforming, well-functioning and self-sufficient persons and communities in Kenya and beyond in all areas of life plus the needed quality leadership development.

Our Vision

A centre for empowering towards exponential and transgenerational Christ-centred Life Change.

Our values

Christ-centred glorifying

Do everything in obedience to the call of Christ and is to result to His glory alone.


We operate and leave an impact that is estimable and draws people to Christ.


Transformation towards Christ-centered wholeness (shalom) and effecting this to others.


Making an impact that permeates across generations and social class.


We desire to see growth that is motivated by the multiplication of every person and community impacted by LEFTI.


We seek that the process to the end product must be done with deftness and acuity.


All we are and have is entrusted to us by Christ, informing how we operate internally and with our partners


We seek to portray value and appreciation for our employees, customers, and stakeholders.


We recognize that we are God’s agents to what He has put in us and where He has placed us.

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