Lefti International

11 th


Samburu Baptist Youth Camp

Begin the growth of a life changing Youth Camps Movement in Samburu and beyond.

3 rd


Provide a better habitable and secure housing structure for selected vulnerable families within the LEFTI OVC support partnership relations (i.e. Kiang’ondu, Limuru, Pondo, Thangathi)

7 th


Empower the local church in its outreach to the community by enhancing their attempts to spread the Gospel and also have a voice in the community through an Evangelistic Free Medical camp that combines personal sharing of the Gospel by pastors and medical providers; nutritional, dental, optical and health education by education health providers, dental, optical, medical and pharmaceutical services by appropriate medical providers.

9 th


Provide regular health check ups and needed medical-optical-dental care and pharmaceutical needs to the volunteering pastors team and also equip them with basic health education to be effective TOTs in health education in their homes, churches and community.

28 th


  • Enhance partnership transfer to the next generation through a Parent-Teen/Youth Mission Engagement in Reaching out to OVCs in LEFTI-Grace Related Centers.
  • Participate in the Care and Formation of OVCs by engaging in a 1-day VBS in Kiangondu, Pondo and Limuru.
  • Participate in a Vulnerable Family House construction.

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