Lefti International
Our Programs

Leadership Development

Our Programs empower and equip church leaders with the tools, knowledge, skills, and inspiration needed to lead effectively and with excellence

Community Empowerment And Development

Our programs aim to uplift individuals, strengthen social cohesion, and build sustainable solutions through our community empowerment and development initiatives to address the unique challenges faced by communities.

Biblical Culture Engineering Outreach

Our programs are dedicated to fostering biblical culture and values within communities by promoting a biblical culture that can positively impact the society, relationships, and personal growth.

Gender/Age Group Outreach And Discipleship

Our Programs aim at reaching out to individuals of different genders and age groups, providing them with spiritual guidance, support, and discipleship.


Empower individuals and uplift communities through education, economic empowerment, healthcare initiatives, gender equality, environmental sustainability, and community advocacy.


Ignite positive change and uplift the community. Through our programs and initiatives, we strive to inspire individuals to reach their full potential, providing education, economic opportunities, healthcare services, and promoting gender equality and environmental sustainability.


Through education, economic empowerment, healthcare initiatives, gender equality programs, environmental sustainability efforts, and community advocacy, we strive to uplift individuals, foster sustainable development, and create a brighter future for all


Together, we can transform the community into a place of empowerment, growth, and lasting impact. Through our initiatives, we aim to empower individuals, create economic opportunities, provide quality education, improve healthcare access, promote gender equality, and foster environmental sustainability

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